Michon Barbagelata


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About Michon Barbagelata

Originally from a small farming community in the Sacramento Valley, Michon grew up on a sheep ranch. At a very early age, she gained a strong work ethic and learned the importance of self-discipline.


At 23, Michon embarked on an around-the-world backpacking trip that lasted a year and a half. During this time, she became enamored with the art, architecture, and design preferences of the world cultures she visited. This exploration abroad seeded a desire to challenge herself and to find ways to continually learn and grow.


Upon returning to the US, Michon pursued a career in aesthetics. Being eager to see her clients genuinely happy and confident, Aesthetics taught Michon the importance of listening carefully to a client’s desires and vision to ensure she understood how best to meet or even exceed their expectations.


Following a successful 13 years in aesthetics, Michon decided to take her career in a new direction. A direction that allowed her to utilize her knowledge of and passion for design and architecture while helping others achieve their dreams and goals - Real Estate!


Michon is passionate, driven, and truly enjoys a challenge.  She loves art, design, fashion, and traveling – having visited over 13 countries on four continents.